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NRPA announces the addition of commercial paving services across its Canada-wide network

With the addition of leading commercial paving contractors into their well-established national alliance, the newly renamed NRPA significantly expands its scope and capabilities across Canada.

The National Roofing & Paving Alliance (formerly the National Roofing Alliance) is very pleased to announce their recent nation-wide expansion to include a full range of commercial paving services to complement their existing national roofing service network. This expanded scope of services is a natural progression for the company; one that will allow the NRPA to better meet a wider range of their clients’ needs, while maintaining the same high level of customer service and project expertise they have become well known for throughout the industry. In addition to conventional commercial paving services, the new NRPA members also offer many other related services, such as road and walkway salting, sanding and snow removal, sealing, line painting, and grading/ excavating, among others. Though unique, this amalgamation is viewed by the NRPA as a logical evolution of both industries, and is expected to benefit greatly from the many similarities they share.

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NRPA partnered with Concrecel Canada and Concrecel USA

Concrecel Canada and Concrecel USA have partnered with the National Roofing & Paving Alliance to provide NRPA members with the ability and training to install state of the art lightweight insulated concrete roofing systems almost anywhere in Canada. Their patented cutting edge equipment and technology allows NRPA members to offer an unrivalled roofing system that is light years ahead of the industry.

NRPA partnered with Roofers Direct Canada

Roofers Direct Canada has recently selected the National Roofing & Paving Alliance to be their exclusive provider for commercial roofing insurance claims across Canada. Roofer Direct is already associated with many major Canadian insurance carriers and is committed to delivering the same superior level of service and integrity that is synonymous with the NRPA. We are proud to have this association.

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