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Too many owners and managers have been faced with preventable premature failure of their valuable paving assets.

Do you have a scheduled Spring and Fall inspection with a checklist of conditions and a reference file for proper “no surprise” budgeting techniques?

Proper identification and elimination of problems on a timely basis can circumvent replacement prior to costly damage.

Scheduled inspections and maintenance work not only prolong the life of systems, but also reveal areas that are beyond the stage of maintenance dollar return.

  • Use life-cycle costing to assure maximum asset life.
  • Adopt a pro-active maintenance protocol.
  • Perform semi-annual inspections and repairs.
  • Budget a minimum amount, per year for preventive maintenance (beginning in first year).
  • Budget a minimum amount, per year for more extensive remedial restoration.
  • Track all collateral building damage and incidental costs associated with failures.
  • Show management how past collateral damage costs exceed the cost of implementing a maintenance and management program.

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